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Columbia Precision has always been committed to providing quality and precision
for a competitive price. We are on time the first time. Our promise to you.


Columbia Precision Machine Inc.
1309 Larc Industrial Blvd, Burnsville, MN 55337 | 952-890-1003 | info@columbiapmc.com


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Commitment to Quality & Certifications

Columbia was audited in September 2010, and was provisionally approved to AS9100:2004 (aerospace industry) and ISO9001:2008 (general) compliance requirements. Columbia is committed to lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement. Along with a studied investment in our facility; equipment and training have contributed greatly to Columbia's success.

What do these certifications mean for you and your business?

ISO9001-2008 is a standard for quality management maintained by the International Organization for Standardization. This standard focuses on setting standard procedures for all of our processes, monitors these processes to ensure they are effective, and to make sure we keep highest quality records.

And, most importantly, this standard makes sure our products are defect free, our process is as streamlined as possible, ensuring on-time delivery of a competitively priced product, and helps us constantly strive to continually improve every part of our manufacturing process.

The AS9100 (rev B) certification is a standard of quality. Every part and the companies that make those parts is certified to meet a level of quality for use in the aviation, space and defense industries.

The International Aerospace Quality Group is a global group working on bringing quality and on-time delivery to our industries. Based on the ISO9000 family of standards, the IAQG has focused on those qualities most valuable to the aerospace industries, making sure that the most exacting quality standards are met.

Northrop apparently agrees awarding us the Northrop Supplier Award time after time.


Columbia Precision Machining has a long and distinguished history in the precision machining industry. Columbia is a unique niche machining company serving as a predominately defense subcontractor to some of the United States' most critical and well respected Aerospace/Defense organizations, as well as physics, food & beverage companies, and also international customers.

Columbia operates out of a 9,000 square foot facility located in Burnsville, Minnesota. Columbia, celebrating its 29th year in business in April of 2011, has always conducted business from a Burnsville location. Columbia has acquired most of its customers through trade conferences and referrals.

Management Team: Columbia's management team, while small, is extremely experienced, dedicated and unified in its commitment to be the best machining operation in its niche. Garnered from two senior managers, two senior floor supervisors, and our quality manager, Columbia has a wealth of manufacturing and machining expertise. Management is continually enabling and encouraging its employees to further and grow their manufacturing skills through in-house and/or external educational means.

Financial: Columbia maintains a strong financial position by use of risk management principles that preclude high borrowing costs. Columbia is very lean in its financial management to ensure its continued ability to manage and control growth. Sales have shown a steady upward trend since 2005 and 2010 looks to be a continuation of that trend. Sales outlooks for 2011 look to be the best in Columbia's history as customers continuously discover the value and competency of Columbia Precision in its supply chain management.